Friday, May 11, 2012

Cleopatra na Onnatachi [J-drama] - Cosmetic Surgery Issue

In the middle of exam stress I still get time to watch J-drama lol. I had my final oral Japanese exam yesterday, which means I ended my Japanese class after 4 years at the University already /stillcantbelieveit.. Now I'm working on another exam paper and then the final Bachelor project. So close to graduating!!

Anyway, to the topic of this post! I watched the first episode of a new drama currently airing

クレオパトラな女たち - Cleopatra na Onnatachi
Of course I only started watching it because it features one of my favorite actors Miura Shohei XD (What else to expect from a crazy fangirl!?)

Cosmetic surgery is the big topic in this drama which I find pretty interesting. The story is set at a cosmetic surgery clinic run by only women until the main character, a young surgeon named Kishi Minetaro played by Sato Ryuta, starts working at the clinic. He is actually against cosmetic surgery, dislikes women and can't see the further meaning in operating on a 'perfectly healthy body' for only cosmetic purpose. However, due to personal reasons, he has to work at the clinic for the sake of money.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this drama will evolve. So far it seems like the main character's opinion of cosmetic surgery will slowly change as he works at the clinic and meets the patients. I feel most J-dramas' stories are pretty predictable, however in this case I'm not too sure. I guess most of us know about Asia's larger acceptance of cosmetic surgery compared to the west (apart from Hollywood ofc). Japan is not as 'active' in this industry as South Korea for example, but I actually don't think it is that different in the end (no offense, just being factual). I'm also thinking about what the story's message is. If it's trying to change anti-cosmetic opinions or just to create more understanding and acceptance of the subject?

Well, I guess we will know when the drama ends!!

My personal opinion?
Well, I'm not against cosmetic surgery, neither am I pro-cosmetic surgery. I can understand specific cases, but if it is ONLY for cosmetic purposes and to 'improve' your appearance, I believe the problem lies elsewhere than a physical dissatisfaction with your body. But well, it is proven that physical change can change your mind set as well. Sooo.... Whatever makes you happy! That is my general opinion I think.

What is your opinion of cosmetic surgery? Are you pro or anti?

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