Wednesday, May 2, 2012

✿ Copenhagen Sakura Festival 2012 ✿

I went to Copenhagen Sakura Festival this Sunday. I think the weather had worried a lot of people since it rained Saturday. I was supposed to go Saturday as well but ended up only going Sunday. I have been looking forward for this event for some time, and finally dressing up in yukata again as well *(*´∀`*)☆

Following will be my pictures from this year's hanami.
CLICK BIG to watch
My little sister and my cousin

Zuum and Allx
and look at the creeper taking a photo behind Zuum in the first picture lol.
So many creepers this year, I'm not kiddin'!!


Tea, Lina & Melanie

 Line, Sille, Anna, Liv

Taiyaki!! ♥


You can visit my friends' blogs and websites as well by clicking their names ^^ 
A lot of them posted about this hanami event too hehe..

And hey! No pictures of me so far lol.. I think some of the others took some pictures of me, I know Ali did, I might post those later.

Here's a few pics of my look from Saturday even though I ended up not going (ノ*゜▽゜*)
I went for a more natural makeup this year~

 Well, only my hair was different Sunday since I had to go to work afterwards. But it was nice seeing a lot of people again (●´∀`●) It was still pretty cold though, so I mostly sat at one place trying to hide from the wind haha. ha. Wish I had walked around a bit more talking to more people T_T But I was actually a bit sick Saturday night, and my allergy has been crazy these past days as well.. Various pollen are raping my face... Nature's cruel sometimes lol.

 This year's sakura! So pretty! ♥

Thanks for looking! ♪♫

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