Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Next 2 you

New scarf

Today's outfit
Pretty simple.. Well it's all black except for the scarf haha.. I'm going goth.. or something XD Had class this morning so didn't go all out with makeup and stuff.. Just casual for a casual day σ(゚ー^*)
And yeah I cut my hair.. by myself >_>' Grew pretty tired of it and don't have time nor money to go to a hairdresser, so just fixed it myself.. I just needed some more layers for the extensions basically. Well it's better than before.. I hope... (~,~) And I'm gonna dye it brown temporary for an event next month. Pretty tired of the dark roots!! Looks really bad =o=' But I'll dye it tomorrow, so might post a quick picture ^^


I'm really busy at the moment with school and projects, so haven't been able to update a lot. But haven't really had anything to talk about anyway (not that I usually have haha). But I went to my parents this weekend. That was kinda nice.. not to worry about food and stuff.. Haha! And went out shopping with my mom and sis a bit. Found a lot of cheap stuff XD (yea we are asians like that)
I got these two dresses (and the scarf). Sorry for bad picture. I just took it quickly. I'm gonna take proper pictures when I'm going to wear them sometime ^^


And been listening to this the past days haha! Justin Bieber is cute haha!

Hai hai I'm off to work, so have a nice Tuesday~


  1. The scarf is a<3w<3e<3s<3o<3m<3e<3.. XD
    And you look so cute with your short hair. You cut your own hair really well :O I dont have the guts to cut my own hair cause i've had alot of accidents doing that..lol XD So i rather not.

  2. Your scarf is epic! Your outfit totally reminds me of Minzy! D: <3

  3. Du har sådan en lækker stil og det er okay dit liv er kedeligt for tiden. Det er mit også xD <3