Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brunch ☆

This weekend I made brunch with a couple of friends as a "thank you"-gift for the models that participated in the Vietnamese culture event we held in April. We made sooo much food and it was really good! As usual I ate too much and felt really bad afterwards.. so stupid.. \(--)/
Salmon rolls with creme cheese and spring onion! Sooo delicious!!
Yoghurt with syrup, müsli and blueberry! ♪
Otherwise I have been busy the past two weeks with writing my 2nd year project.. Not very interesting, but now I know a hell lot about the Japanese rice industry and culture (* ̄  ̄) ! So now I only have two oral exams left. Defending my project and Japanese oral..

But! While writing the project I still had time to go out XD
Sorry for dirty mirror =_='''
We started at Jeongie's place and then went to azn con's "Hollywood Night" party-thingie..! It was a lot of fun and a lot of my friends came. Sadly my camera's battery was already dead since I forgot to charge it.. niice.. (=_=;) 

And today's outfit
Casual relaxed outfit (=w=) I'm waiting for my dad for my dad to pick me up (in 5 min or something). Going home to my parent's to get some REAL food.. yes thank you... haven't eaten properly with all that project writing..
Tried some new lower lashes.. I took me 30 min or something to put them on properly (=o=;) Definitely need more practise!
Yup yup I'll be leaving now!! Enjoy your Wednesday! (∩_∩)


  1. You should definitely do lower lashes some more. They look really cute on you <3
    and food! ohnomnom~

  2. Has anyone told you that you look like Rainie Yang? You're sooooo pretty *jealous*

  3. omg that food looks amazing *drrooll* and so you do ^^

  4. heyhey! now i'm hungry ! hahahah :)
    cool blog and appetit photos!
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