Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love On Air ♥

Yup! You read it right! Love on air~ Or well, me and my friends having fun with the monitor in a coffee shop at least haha!

So today I went out with two of my viet friends having a lot of viet fun..!!!!! right..
Well we were walking, heading towards unknown destination when suddenly Jennifer stops up and just starts laughing.. Me: "Whuut??", turns around to encounter this add
Beo = "fat" in Vietnamese
First I didn't get the funny part but then my viet brain awoke. Sometimes, being bilingual (or more) just makes things more fun XD I started thinking of bad jokes like "Do you want your fat with apple or orange taste??" Haha. ha.
The fabolous Jenny @ Joe and the Juice
Me and Theresa
Jennifer just graduated from I.B. some days ago (you get that fab sailor-looking cap when you grad from high school yeah) and gained a lot of attention while we were hiking the shopping streets. She was especially popular with the homeless and old people (congratulating her) for some reason haha! Me and Theresa had a good laugh just until we went to Joe and the Juice. She ordered and paid for a small juice. and suddenly got a big one!!!! Whaaaat!?!?! Why didn't I get that kind of special treatment when I graduated huh?? HUH??? Ok just joking. But since Theresa is getting her hat soon as well, they kinda joked about I should get my old grad hat as well so we could walk around together like that... Yeah I was kinda thinking about doing serious business out of the joke at that point haha! 

Aaand today's look~
Sorry bad full body picture - the dress makes my body look like a round square pillar XD I swear it's not like that IRL! I love the dress a lot!!

Today was a lot of fun (∩_∩) ! I only got to buy two lipsticks (from TOPSHOP that I'll show you later) even though me and Jenny's goal was to find: sunglasses, sandals and a loose shirt. Nice job... Oh yeah job.. most importantly (well for me) doing restaurant "crawling" to find a new job.. Well not very successful.. Maybe tomorrow >_>'

And finally - Nigahiga cracks me up every time X'D

Happy and out~
PS. I finally reached 100 followers! Yay! Thanks a lot you guys for following me! (∩_∩)v


  1. What a fun day! I love your dress!

  2. haha one of my old Jutland friends and I always talked about just putting our oooold ('cause I am old ó_ò) hats on and going out when it was students' week, to get free entrance at the clubs LOL XD .. never got to do it though :C and now I can't find my hat! >: ( but I think my mom hid it, so I wouldn't lose it LOL!

    I want your haaaaaaaiiiiirrrrrrrrr D: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I would like my fat with apple and a good gio goi, thanks! <3