Monday, May 9, 2011

Sakura matsuri

me and Mari-chan!
This weekend it was time for Copenhagen Sakura Festival! I've been looking forward for this since last year's festival haha! Last year was sooo cold and the sakura flowers hadn't blossomed yet. This year the weather was really warm and nice, but the sakura flowers had already fallen of the trees! It was still a very nice weekend though (o^−^o)

Mari-chan had been staying at my place from friday where we made onigiris for saturday. Sadly I forgot to take pictures, they were so cute! Especially the flower and heart shaped ones! Saturday morning my little dormitory room got crowded as my little sister, cousin and classmate Line came to get ready and dressed in yukata! After getting ready we headed towards the park where the festival was located (at the little Mermaid actually!)

My look was inspired from Pop Sister's February issue that was focusing on kimono (○゚ε^○)

I'll let the picture spam tell the rest ゚+.(・∀・).+゚

Me and my little sister! (∩_∩)/
Full yukata picture
Me, Mari-chan and Rose-onee
I bought Calpis and Ramune for my sis and cousin so they could taste.. And they got so excited about it XD
Very windy near the coast.. and the Little Mermaid (flocked by tourists)!

Kenneth, Jeongie and Maria!
Me and Mari-chan~
 I wore the very first yukata I got this day (from friends incl. Mari-chan)
Close-up of nails! They are so long, so I feel slightly handicapped ^^' Especially when typing text messages or on the computer! And they are pre-made ;P

Thanks to Kenneth going camera crazy, I made this little gif XD with Maria lolling in the BG!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Jeongieee <3
    Oh and your nails are really nice :)

  2. your yukatas are so sweet!
    love your nails!

  3. You looked soooo cute in Yukata. I want to force you to wear it everyday .. but i guess they are hard to dance hiphop in XD haha !

  4. regretting so much not going :C *was at svs* You're really pretty I love your Kimonos and nails <3