Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Bunny

Bunny hat in H&M children department! So cute! But I look like a fruitcake with it haha! Looks like a melted marshmallow jelly fish on my head
Happy belated Easter! I have been super stressed and busy with exam, so haven't had time to blog. Moreover I don't feel like I have anything to blog about (’-’*) So yeah, I kinda wanted to ask you readers, what you like reading about in my blog or suggestions to what I could do? XD


Outfit/look time! These are all from last week though..
 Wavy style with some of my old extensions.. Takes so long to do with my curling iron though D:
No circle lenses! I must admit I haven't seen myself without circle lenses for quite a while.. Actually I have been using them everyday since 2009 as I figured they were cheaper than regular day-lenses I used. But I realized I got used to the circle lens look too much as I slowly thought I looked odd or something was missing when I didn't use them. So I thought it was time for me to take a break from the lenses once in a while and just use regular lenses. Furthermore circle-lenses dry out way faster than regular lenses, so in this warm spring weather we have recently it's better to use lenses that give more air to your eyes..

And with that said next picture is with my brown geo lenses XD Doh.. Just proves my unhealthy addiction..


Hm but what have I been doing besides studying for exam? Watching a lot of Kdrama! Last weekend I watched all of Secret Garden
It was really entertaining! I really enjoyed that one ô.ô If you are in need of watching good Kdrama - I will definitly recommend this (∩_∩)v

And this weekend I am watching Dream High
They are both super popular and super entertaining! I can especially recommend Dream High for all you Kpop fans out there! (∩_~)v It features a hell lot of Kpop stars and music haha sooo nice.. And I must say I don't just like, but really LOVE 'IU' after watching this! She is the most adorable thing in that drama!


And today, I went to "Designer Forum" with Jeongie, Maria and Rose. Gonna show you later what I bought. And I'm gonna dye my hair tomorrow XD Yes yes look forward to the next very amusing blog post 8D (<- insert goofy smiley)

Just a little new cute addiction I recently stumbled across (∩_~) Gets me in a happy-mood
And please comment if you have any ideas to my blog! I feel very uninspired >3>
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Secret Garden! It's so good, I didn't want it to end, but I watched it all too fast TTwTT You watched "You're Beautiful"? I love it, I got it on DVD box, Jeremy<3 (Lee Hongki<3) It's really epic, and have an interesting plot with twists >w< AND CROSSING DRESS 8D

  2. lovely outfits ^^ how cute hat *.*

  3. You're so lovely, Hopy-babeh <3 ;3; Love your new lenses!

  4. OMG! At first I thought you said "I've been watching this kdrama called Green Pie" yesterday xD But the second time you said it, I was pretty sure you said "Cream High" .. and I was like WHUT? O_o .. Nooooow it makes more sense! XD - and doesn't sound completely perverted hahahahahaaha! <3

    That bunny hat actually look cuter when you can't see the ears! O: hehehe! ^^

    AND I am SO excited about your haaaaair! Yayayayaya!
    I really like your hairstyle on the 3rd-4th picture! x333


  5. I love the firts one!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're pretty!!!

  6. K-pop = LOVE! Dream high = LOVE! Secret Garden = LOVE! xDD

    Well I love everything you blog about, just do as you usually do? hmm maybe do some tutorials~? ^^ I liked your last make up tutorial~

  7. cute pictures <33 the bunny hat matches you!!
    i really like your haiiiir!
    keep going!!

    and have a nice day!