Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sorry for the watermarks!
Anyway, just short post of makeup. 

2NE1's new digital single 'Lonely' just came out today on YouTube. And I completely fell for it ( ̄ー ̄)
I really like the mood and the lyrics..! After hearing it I felt like playing with some makeup since it has been a little while since last time.. Sorry, bad lighting, it was already late when I started, so no daylight sorry :( I usually tend to do that stuff in the evening/night =.='

I'll post some pictures of my new hair (you might have noticed from sakura pics), and some outfits/coordinates I haven't put up in the next post ^^'



  1. The makeup is freaking FIERCE!
    And I love the new 2ne1 video :)

  2. great make up, you have badass skills, the 2ne1 song is amazing i loved Dara`s styling.

  3. Woaw!! It's SO cool!! I love the combination of the purple with the other colors. It has a cool shape when your eyes are closed, but it's even cooler with them opened!!

    Are those contacts or your natural eyes? Amazing gray color! It looks natural too! If contacts I would really like to know where you got them! :B

  4. F*CK HVOR ER DET NICE!!!! :O Du er seriøst sindssyg til makeup. Show how you did it! gogogo!

  5. Ohhh... I love this song!!! You'are make-up awesome ! ^^

  6. the makeup is AMAZING!! *O* totally in love with it ~ *w*

  7. The make-up is SOOO pretty!! how did you do it!! it's amazing done ^^