Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love On Air ♥

Yup! You read it right! Love on air~ Or well, me and my friends having fun with the monitor in a coffee shop at least haha!

So today I went out with two of my viet friends having a lot of viet fun..!!!!! right..
Well we were walking, heading towards unknown destination when suddenly Jennifer stops up and just starts laughing.. Me: "Whuut??", turns around to encounter this add
Beo = "fat" in Vietnamese
First I didn't get the funny part but then my viet brain awoke. Sometimes, being bilingual (or more) just makes things more fun XD I started thinking of bad jokes like "Do you want your fat with apple or orange taste??" Haha. ha.
The fabolous Jenny @ Joe and the Juice
Me and Theresa
Jennifer just graduated from I.B. some days ago (you get that fab sailor-looking cap when you grad from high school yeah) and gained a lot of attention while we were hiking the shopping streets. She was especially popular with the homeless and old people (congratulating her) for some reason haha! Me and Theresa had a good laugh just until we went to Joe and the Juice. She ordered and paid for a small juice. and suddenly got a big one!!!! Whaaaat!?!?! Why didn't I get that kind of special treatment when I graduated huh?? HUH??? Ok just joking. But since Theresa is getting her hat soon as well, they kinda joked about I should get my old grad hat as well so we could walk around together like that... Yeah I was kinda thinking about doing serious business out of the joke at that point haha! 

Aaand today's look~
Sorry bad full body picture - the dress makes my body look like a round square pillar XD I swear it's not like that IRL! I love the dress a lot!!

Today was a lot of fun (∩_∩) ! I only got to buy two lipsticks (from TOPSHOP that I'll show you later) even though me and Jenny's goal was to find: sunglasses, sandals and a loose shirt. Nice job... Oh yeah job.. most importantly (well for me) doing restaurant "crawling" to find a new job.. Well not very successful.. Maybe tomorrow >_>'

And finally - Nigahiga cracks me up every time X'D

Happy and out~
PS. I finally reached 100 followers! Yay! Thanks a lot you guys for following me! (∩_∩)v

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brunch ☆

This weekend I made brunch with a couple of friends as a "thank you"-gift for the models that participated in the Vietnamese culture event we held in April. We made sooo much food and it was really good! As usual I ate too much and felt really bad afterwards.. so stupid.. \(--)/
Salmon rolls with creme cheese and spring onion! Sooo delicious!!
Yoghurt with syrup, müsli and blueberry! ♪
Otherwise I have been busy the past two weeks with writing my 2nd year project.. Not very interesting, but now I know a hell lot about the Japanese rice industry and culture (* ̄  ̄) ! So now I only have two oral exams left. Defending my project and Japanese oral..

But! While writing the project I still had time to go out XD
Sorry for dirty mirror =_='''
We started at Jeongie's place and then went to azn con's "Hollywood Night" party-thingie..! It was a lot of fun and a lot of my friends came. Sadly my camera's battery was already dead since I forgot to charge it.. niice.. (=_=;) 

And today's outfit
Casual relaxed outfit (=w=) I'm waiting for my dad for my dad to pick me up (in 5 min or something). Going home to my parent's to get some REAL food.. yes thank you... haven't eaten properly with all that project writing..
Tried some new lower lashes.. I took me 30 min or something to put them on properly (=o=;) Definitely need more practise!
Yup yup I'll be leaving now!! Enjoy your Wednesday! (∩_∩)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Haul ☆ Hair ☆ Outfits ☆ Leek Party

Blogger sunday! With picture spam (⌒.−)=★

Soo I never got to show you what I got at "Designer Forum" where I went with Jeongie and Maria
I was a bit disappointed when arriving there as a lot of things were still kinda pricy and a bit boring. But well I still got my hands on a few items which I'm quite happy for! Especially the hot pants ♡
Afterwards we met up with some friends where I encountered my favorite fella (゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆
☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Next topic! I dyed my hair as I mentioned - the brown was only temporary. So I started with bleaching my hair and getting the brown color out. Which turned it into my favorite color ORANGE! It especially reflected a really nice orange/yellow glow in the sunlight 8D
Sadly for the orange I had already planned to color it into another nuance.. I started with a dark blond color to get some of the orange reflection away. And then I had planned to color 1/3 of my hair brown.... But it didn't really succeed the first time since I kinda bought a too light color (,,#゚Д゚)
So the next day I went out to buy yet another color package (=_=;) Too make sure the color showed I bought a medium brown. It turned out almost black/dark brown in my hair though.. But it got lighter after I washed my hair a couple of times which you might have noticed in newer picture (*´ー`)
Curly bob style and 3-year-old's pigtale style XD

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

Yup and then for some random neglected outfits I didn't post yet.. Well they might be kinda indifferent but I'm gonna spam you guys with it anyway! XD
 This is my *at the moment* favorite outfit! My lovely oversized Spongebob Baby Milo tee with my star print leggings! It's super cozy to wear and I feel a bit cool and badass in it haha! ♡ Spongebob LOVE!!
Sorry about gloomy face X'D And that's btw my favorite nail polish color Ô.Ô And I LOVE that hoodie.. It's so big and cozy and long and I stole it from my sister 8D and for my Danish readers some extra info: Nik&Jay designed it bahahaha (no I'm not a fan - my sis coincidently found out)
This outfit was from after the Sakura Festival where I went out with some friends. Took some fast crappy pics since we had to leave XP

Yeah 3 very different styles.. So there's (1) badass Hopy, (2) Gloomy Hopy and (3) Sexy Hopy! 8D TAA-DAA it's Hopy's style delivery express! Choose *your* favorite style and Hopy will try to fulfill your wishes! (haha... ha..)

☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

I just bought some new lower lashes on eBay from random chinese seller to try some different styles since I wasn't too fond of the Dolly Wink I got. I bought some natural styled looking and then the 'glamorous' styled which I'm wearing here XD I think I like them ô_ô But need more practise putting them on haha
I took some quick pictures as I had to rush for Jeongie's Leek party (yeah don't ask XD) since I was already late >_>' So didn't get to take any outfit pics sorry.. But I was kinda lazy and uninspired that day so I didn't do much about hair and makeup..
Jup and you can look at Jeongie's or Maria's blogs for pictures from the party if you're interested. I'm just gonna say.. It was all about LEEK 8D
Leek drawing I made as entrance fee for the party!
picture from Maria
☆彡  ★彡  ☆彡  ★彡

That was a lot of pictures! ( ̄_ ̄;)
Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sorry for the watermarks!
Anyway, just short post of makeup. 

2NE1's new digital single 'Lonely' just came out today on YouTube. And I completely fell for it ( ̄ー ̄)
I really like the mood and the lyrics..! After hearing it I felt like playing with some makeup since it has been a little while since last time.. Sorry, bad lighting, it was already late when I started, so no daylight sorry :( I usually tend to do that stuff in the evening/night =.='

I'll post some pictures of my new hair (you might have noticed from sakura pics), and some outfits/coordinates I haven't put up in the next post ^^'


Monday, May 9, 2011

Sakura matsuri

me and Mari-chan!
This weekend it was time for Copenhagen Sakura Festival! I've been looking forward for this since last year's festival haha! Last year was sooo cold and the sakura flowers hadn't blossomed yet. This year the weather was really warm and nice, but the sakura flowers had already fallen of the trees! It was still a very nice weekend though (o^−^o)

Mari-chan had been staying at my place from friday where we made onigiris for saturday. Sadly I forgot to take pictures, they were so cute! Especially the flower and heart shaped ones! Saturday morning my little dormitory room got crowded as my little sister, cousin and classmate Line came to get ready and dressed in yukata! After getting ready we headed towards the park where the festival was located (at the little Mermaid actually!)

My look was inspired from Pop Sister's February issue that was focusing on kimono (○゚ε^○)

I'll let the picture spam tell the rest ゚+.(・∀・).+゚

Me and my little sister! (∩_∩)/
Full yukata picture
Me, Mari-chan and Rose-onee
I bought Calpis and Ramune for my sis and cousin so they could taste.. And they got so excited about it XD
Very windy near the coast.. and the Little Mermaid (flocked by tourists)!

Kenneth, Jeongie and Maria!
Me and Mari-chan~
 I wore the very first yukata I got this day (from friends incl. Mari-chan)
Close-up of nails! They are so long, so I feel slightly handicapped ^^' Especially when typing text messages or on the computer! And they are pre-made ;P

Thanks to Kenneth going camera crazy, I made this little gif XD with Maria lolling in the BG!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Bunny

Bunny hat in H&M children department! So cute! But I look like a fruitcake with it haha! Looks like a melted marshmallow jelly fish on my head
Happy belated Easter! I have been super stressed and busy with exam, so haven't had time to blog. Moreover I don't feel like I have anything to blog about (’-’*) So yeah, I kinda wanted to ask you readers, what you like reading about in my blog or suggestions to what I could do? XD


Outfit/look time! These are all from last week though..
 Wavy style with some of my old extensions.. Takes so long to do with my curling iron though D:
No circle lenses! I must admit I haven't seen myself without circle lenses for quite a while.. Actually I have been using them everyday since 2009 as I figured they were cheaper than regular day-lenses I used. But I realized I got used to the circle lens look too much as I slowly thought I looked odd or something was missing when I didn't use them. So I thought it was time for me to take a break from the lenses once in a while and just use regular lenses. Furthermore circle-lenses dry out way faster than regular lenses, so in this warm spring weather we have recently it's better to use lenses that give more air to your eyes..

And with that said next picture is with my brown geo lenses XD Doh.. Just proves my unhealthy addiction..


Hm but what have I been doing besides studying for exam? Watching a lot of Kdrama! Last weekend I watched all of Secret Garden
It was really entertaining! I really enjoyed that one ô.ô If you are in need of watching good Kdrama - I will definitly recommend this (∩_∩)v

And this weekend I am watching Dream High
They are both super popular and super entertaining! I can especially recommend Dream High for all you Kpop fans out there! (∩_~)v It features a hell lot of Kpop stars and music haha sooo nice.. And I must say I don't just like, but really LOVE 'IU' after watching this! She is the most adorable thing in that drama!


And today, I went to "Designer Forum" with Jeongie, Maria and Rose. Gonna show you later what I bought. And I'm gonna dye my hair tomorrow XD Yes yes look forward to the next very amusing blog post 8D (<- insert goofy smiley)

Just a little new cute addiction I recently stumbled across (∩_~) Gets me in a happy-mood
And please comment if you have any ideas to my blog! I feel very uninspired >3>
Thanks for reading!